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The divine voice, smooth and rich like fine wine, crept into my ears.  I stood completely still, my gaze locked on the floor, my brain scrambling to hold a sane thought.  No, it couldn't be, could it?  Am I hearing things?  Have I gone mad?  Dear God, please don't play cruel tricks on me. I raised my head in a painfully slow manner.  A pair of black shoes came into view, then white tights, then a pleated gold skirt.  My gaze darted upward, traveling like wildfire over his high-collared burgundy jacket, to the tips of his dark-ringlet wig, to finally rest upon a gold-leaf mask framing two striking emerald-green eyes. Excerpt from Bound by Blood

A cold wave fell over me.  I struggled to breathe.  Trembling, I stepped closer.  My legs brushed up against the mattress.  Gazing at him, I brushed a strand of hair off his pale forehead and whispered, “I found you.”  I lost all reason at that moment.  I could never leave him, this vampire. Leaning over, I softly touched my lips to his.  Lust pumped into my veins.  I came alive with hunger, hunger I'd never known.  My mouth lingered on his, reluctant to leave, wanting more, so much more. My heart demanded I curl up next to him and never leave his side; nonetheless, I blew out the candle, and hurried out of his room.

I ran back to my room as lustful visions of his fangs sinking into my neck tormented me.

Excerpt from Immortal Kiss