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Finals are over, and twenty-year-old Claire Matthews can hardly wait to begin summer break until…she arrives home to an army of police swarming her parents’ front lawn.  Detective Reynolds delivers the dreadful news that the man and woman inside the home are dead, and Claire is forced to identify their mummified exsanguinated bodies.  Her world comes to a grinding halt when she learns that it is her mother and father who are the deceased, and her younger brother, JJ, is nowhere to be found.  The predator accused…a vampire.

Claire is no stranger to vampires; in fact, these days’ vamps are a dime a dozen.  One-hundred-thirty years ago a vow was made, combining the two worlds.  A vampire’s survival no longer required a human sacrifice.  Vampire Centers were created, offering human blood through transfusion; yet, why were her parents bled dry?  Why now?  What changed?  Could a rogue vampire be responsible?  Was it possible vampires, Nate and Parker, JJ’s best friends, suddenly hungered for human blood?

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The divine voice, smooth and rich like fine wine, crept into my ears.  I stood completely still, my gaze locked on the floor, my brain scrambling to hold a sane thought.  No, it couldn't be, could it?  Am I hearing things?  Have I gone mad?  Dear God, please don't play cruel tricks on me. I raised my head in a painfully slow manner.  A pair of black shoes came into view, then white tights, then a pleated gold skirt.  My gaze darted upward, traveling like wildfire over his high-collared burgundy jacket, to the tips of his dark-ringlet wig, to finally rest upon a gold-leaf mask framing two striking emerald-green eyes. Excerpt from Bound by Blood

A cold wave fell over me.  I struggled to breathe.  Trembling, I stepped closer.  My legs brushed up against the mattress.  Gazing at him, I brushed a strand of hair off his pale forehead and whispered, “I found you.”  I lost all reason at that moment.  I could never leave him, this vampire. Leaning over, I softly touched my lips to his.  Lust pumped into my veins.  I came alive with hunger, hunger I'd never known.  My mouth lingered on his, reluctant to leave, wanting more, so much more. My heart demanded I curl up next to him and never leave his side; nonetheless, I blew out the candle, and hurried out of his room.

I ran back to my room as lustful visions of his fangs sinking into my neck tormented me.

Excerpt from Immortal Kiss